PADDLERsmart! Canada Knowledge Base

Module 06 - Emergency Preparedness



Use one of the following techniques to rescue a capsized stand up paddler:

The ‘Flip’ Rescue Technique:

Step 1: Paddle towards the person overboard in the prone paddling position (paddling with your arms while lying flat on your stomach).

Step 2: When you reach the person overboard, dismount your SUP board and flip it upside down so that the fin is facing forwards.

Step 3: Guide the board so that it is perpendicular (lengthwise) in front of the person in trouble.

Step 4: Grab the person by the arms or by the PFD and pull them part way onto the board. The board and the person should create a 'T' shape

Step 5: Once the person has been positioned with their arms draped across the board, grab onto the far side of the board, using it as leverage, and flip the board back to its upright position while continuing to hold the person’s arms.

Step 6: The leverage of the board flipping upright will pull the person further upwards so that their entire torso will now be laying on the board.

Step 7: At this point you'll be able to maneuver the person’s legs sideways so that they'll be lying flat across the board.

Step 8: Swim to the back of the board and pull yourself up leaving only your legs in the water—the other person should be lying directly in front of you. You may need to place your body between their legs and paddle towards shore using your arms.


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