SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 01 - Rider Basics


Snowmobiling is an awesome sport.

The wide variety of sleds available have the capability to allow riders to explore extensive networks of groomed state trails and head into the backcountry to do some boondocking in the deep stuff. As long as you’ve got a few inches of snow and a full tank of gas, your trail options are pretty much limitless.

Your snowmobile, or ‘sled’, is a motorized machine steered by a set of handlebars, which direct the skis or runners. These powerful machines are designed to be operated on snow-covered terrain and trails. 

New to the sport? The absolute BEST way to get to know your machine, no matter what type of sled you’re riding, is to get in the driver’s seat and read the owner’s manual from front to back. Seriously, this vantage point will give you a feel for the location and purpose of the controls, lights, dashboard, brake… everything you must be familiar with will be right there in front of you. Your owner’s manual will also provide information about riding techniques for your specific type of sled and offer insight on how the machine will handle in different types of winter terrain.

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