SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 01 - Rider Basics


Before going out with a new group of riders or trying out a new trail, assess your ‘rider limit’ by taking these three factors into consideration:

  1. The capabilities of your sled.
  2. Your ability and skill level as a rider.
  3. The terrain and environmental conditions.

When combined, these factors shape your ‘rider experience’. So make sure it’s a safe and enjoyable one! It can be tempting to go too fast or to be persuaded to take on a difficult trail to keep up with your more experienced buddies. Rather than cause damage to your sled, or to yourself, stay in your comfort zone and know your limit. The more challenging treks will come with practice, but you’ll need your body and your sled for those adventures - so take care out there.

Want to get better quickly?

Fast-track your rider confidence with this strategy:

  • Pick one skill and practice it until you nail it. Don’t push your limits (or your patience) by trying a bunch of stuff at the same time.
  • Practice with a more experienced rider in case something goes sideways. You’ll want to have someone there to help you out, plus they can share their knowledge!

Always practice new skills in controlled areas and only hit the trails once you have those skills locked down. Don’t take risks - it would really suck to break your arm ten miles from home and have to endure the cold, bumpy ride back… ouch.


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