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Module 02 - Before Heading Out


When you're operating machines that are powerful, heavy, fast, and can easily be thrown off balance, wearing the right clothing and protective gear is as important as knowing how to operate your sled. You’ll want to be protected from both the cold weather and the possibility of being thrown off your machine. I mean, sure, fresh snow is soft but that’s about it. Everything else in a frozen environment is going to be hard, cold and sharp to land on. So, suit up!

Understand that equipment requirements for snowmobilers vary depending on the state you’re operating in. However, no matter where you’re riding, the most important thing you can do is make sure your head is in a helmet every, single time you start it up and feel the engine rumble beneath you. Why? Because head injuries are a major cause of snowmobile-related deaths. But your head isn’t the only thing you should be protecting. Make sure you know what protective and cold weather gear you’ll need!


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