SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 03 - Servicing & Transporting Your Sled


Choosing the right trailer and towing vehicle and knowing how to correctly secure the trailer is VERY important for reasons that should be obvious. On a highway you’re not only responsible for the safety of yourself but you’re also responsible for the safety of the traffic and pedestrians around you. Loading your machine onto a trailer and then hooking your trailer up to your truck is a seriously hands-on procedure that must be done properly. So here’s a list of important considerations for sled transportation:

  • Do you know your state’s towing/trailering requirements? Know before you go!
  • Does your trailer have the correct load capacity for the weight of the sled you’re transporting?
  • Are there enough tie-down points on the trailer for your type of machine?
  • Can your towing vehicle handle the combined weight load of the trailer and sled? How’s the pressure in the trailer tires?
  • Is the hitch ball of your vehicle the right size for the trailer coupler? Match up the stamps - there will be a stamp on both the hitch and the coupler.
  • Have you attached two heavy safety chains in a criss-cross pattern to the trailer’s coupler? This is important because if the trailer becomes disconnected, the chain will support the trailer and keep it straight and stable until you can safely pull over and re-attach the trailer.
  • Have you hooked up the trailer’s lights to the vehicle’s electrical hook-ups?
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