SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 04 - Rider Skills


Always perform a pre-ride inspection of your sled before starting it up, to make sure the machine is mechanically good-to-go and safe to ride. Before starting your inspection, engage your parking brake and check the owner’s manual to ensure any tweaks or minor mechanical fixes you’ll need to perform will be done correctly.


  • Check the throttle: It should move easily, not feel sticky and it should return to it's original position when you release it.
  • Check the sled’s position: Is it located in a clear area, where there are no other people or objects nearby?
  • Check the fuel: Do you have enough fuel for the trip?
  • Check the battery: Is it functional, has it been charged recently?
  • Check the oil to make sure your machine has optimum levels.
  • Check the spark plugs and replace them, if necessary.
  • Check the skis and rods for any damage and make sure they're free of ice.
  • Check the drive belt: Is it in good working condition?
  • Check the handlebars: Are they moving properly?
  • Check your emergency kit: Does it need to be restocked, is there anything missing?
  • Check your safety equipment: Is everything in working order? Does anything need to be re-stocked?
  • Check that you have the registration for the machine and any trail permits you may need.


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