SLEDsmart! USA Knowledge Base

Module 05 - Rider Responsibility


Mind your manners, rider.

Respect the environment, other trail users, private property, landowners and always show good form no matter where you’re riding. People with negative opinions about snowmobilers may have simply overheard someone talking trash about a bad incident on a trail. Unfortunately, that ONE incident can be all it takes to spoil the image of an entire rider community for someone who is unfamiliar with the sport.

Know the significance of your actions.

One irresponsible rider on a trail has the power to ruin public opinion in that community. Don’t disrespect your fellow riders and undo the good work that’s been done to promote the sport in a positive light. Breaking the law, driving dangerously, offending the public or acting irresponsibly is well, irresponsible. Remember, your actions will have an influence on the public attitude toward snowmobiling. Do us proud and keep it classy out there!

Enjoy the journey!

You’re a rider now so suit up and get out there! Make some plans with your buddies to explore a new trail. The absolute BEST way to build a positive rider image is to take care of each other out there and enjoy the ride! Have a great time and make sure everyone gets home safely.

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